First Unitarian Church of Oakland

685 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 893-6129
Worship Associates

Worship Associates The Worship Associates program provides an avenue for lay people to participate in the creation of worship. The program encourages a dialog between professional ministers and congregants about the issues and ideas addressed from the pulpit.

Being a Worship Associate (WA) requires a focused commitment. From that commitment grows a better understanding of one's own spiritual outlook. Moreover, Worship Associates enjoy the electrifying connection that comes from creating community worship.

A daylong training covers the basics of leading worship and allows time for reflection and discussion about the topics being planned for services for the coming year. Worship Associates usually serve for a period of two years. We endeavor to have our WAs reflect the diversity of our congregation and our city to include all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations.

Each Worship Associate works with the minister(s) and other Worship Associates to plan and conduct the church services. WAs may be asked to participate in worship in a variety of ways. This may include any of the following: delivering an Invocation or Call to Worship, introducing the Embracing Meditation, the Silent Meditation, and/or the Sharing of Responsibility. WAs will sometimes be asked to offer a "Search for Meaning" (a short personal reflection) or give a brief homily about the service topic. Sometimes the WA will be asked to lead responsive readings and/or read the words of others, a poet, for example.

Worship Openings: