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Welcoming Congregation & Interweave

Welcoming Congregation
We are an Official Welcoming Congregation

Welcoming Congregation

Our congregation has a rich history of including people who identify as lesbian and gay. As the AIDS epidemic was dawning, we welcomed the Metropolitan Community Church in the East Bay to worship within our walls. When the MCC congregation disbanded, many of its members decided to stay and become part of our congregation. Since then, our leadership has always included several members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and asexual (LGBTIQQA) community.

In the past several years we have completed the Welcoming Congregation program of the Unitarian Universalist Association. We are officially a Welcoming Congregation, pledged to intentionally provide a safe and affirming climate for people who identify as LGBTIQQA to find a spiritual home.

Official Welcoming Congregation Logo  Lavender Seniors of the East Bay's Elder-Friendly emblem

See all the planning, worship services, reflections, and activities Get the free Adobe Reader (required to view this document), that went into preparing our church (and each and every one of us) to become a Welcoming Congregation.


Interweave: People who Identify as LGBTIQ and Our Allies

The Interweave chapter of the First Unitarian Church of Oakland welcomes everyone who supports people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and asexual (LGBTIQQA for short) (kind of short).  We meet each month on the third Sunday after the second service to socialize, check in on involvement with LGBTIQQA issues and plan events at church and in the wider community.

Interweave addresses marriage equality by joining in the Coalition of Bay Area Welcoming Congregations, as well as organizing our own events.

Each fall Interweave sponsors a potluck dinner on October 11, National Coming Out Day.  The dinner gives us a chance to share “coming out” stories as well as food, drink and friendship.

On November 20, Interweave observes the Day of Remembrance with the congregation.  This is a day set aside to memorialize people who identify as transgender and died as a result of following their path.

If there is interest, Interweave will also celebrate the “Stonewall Seder” from time to time.  This dinner/ceremony was created by church members Judy Freespirit, Dan Kane, Laurel Liefert and Francey Liefert.  Modeled after the Hebrew Seder which celebrates Passover, the Stonewall Seder commemorates the history of the LGBTIQ Pride movement.

On a Sunday in June each year, Interweave leads a pride worship service for the whole congregation.  We work with the worship leaders to include more LGBTIQQA-centered services at other times of year as well.

Please check the church calendar to see when these events and others are scheduled.  Interweave members look forward to your involvement.

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